OEM-gas stove production and processing factory

OEM-gas stove production and processing factory。

Nowadays, many self-owned kitchen appliance distributors in the market will cooperate with OEM manufacturers and manufacturers of gas stoves as long as they have certain sales of gas under their own lines, and use their own registered trademarks to authorize the manufacture of gas stoves. “Gas gas stove” also called “OEM on behalf of processing gas stove.” There are many benefits to doing so.

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First of all, the first advantage is that you do not need to find a factory, recruit workers, apply for a national production license for gas appliances, do not require professional technical team personnel, no rent, no production, sales, and management of workers’ wages, no plant utilities, and no certificates. There are no application fees, inspection and inspection fees, etc. These costs are mixed up and may account for 30% of your sales. Imagine that if you sell a 100 yuan gas stove, you will need to pay 30 yuan. The cost of 70 yuan is the cost of the parts of the stove itself. Will you make money? If you can’t do well, you will close down when you are doing it, so some expenses can save you from the province. It is more profitable for others to produce on their behalf than to produce and manufacture themselves.

The second benefit is that there is no need to pour money; the quantity of furnaces can reduce the cost of procurement, the cost of gas cookers will be reduced, the selling price will have advantages, and the profits will be more. Because of the processing and production of gas stoves, it involves many aspects of procurement of parts and inventory; such as cartons, panels, stoves, gas stove body assembly, trachea, screws, hob, knob switch. These fittings have different specifications depending on the size and style of the different stoves. Therefore, there may be nearly 20 kinds of spare parts for a stove, if there are 10 types of gas stoves, and each type of gas stove has a capacity of 1000 sets, There will be nearly 200,000 different logistics spare parts; if these 1000 parts are not shipped within two months, the equivalent of 200,000 logistics spare parts has been pressed. If there are more styles to be needed in the later stages, they will be more and more like snowballs, and the final consumption will be more and more.

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Another advantage of OEM processing gas stoves (OEM) is that quality is guaranteed. Because the process of producing and processing gas stoves seems to be simple, it is not true. The first component, each processing process needs to be operated according to the specified standards, and the products that are not coming out will have defects, or the gas stoves produced and processed will reach If it is less than standard, it cannot be sold if it fails. Only professional and qualified manufacturers of manufacturing licenses can process and produce gas stoves in accordance with the standards of gas stoves. Workers are also professionally trained and the products will be professionally sampled up to the standard before they are shipped to the factory. Products sold in this way can be used with confidence.

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Professional OEM processing production and sales of various types of gas stoves with products, provide wholesale and foreign trade standards for foreign export customization. Tel: 135-3588-OOO2; E_mail: 958168788@qq.com,OEM-gas stove production and processing factory

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